Friday, November 27, 2015



remember that one time
when I said you will leave me, and you said you won't and im talking nonsense?

But what's the matter now?

Guess I was right all along
You said you love me but you left me still
You said you love me but you wont stay still
You're not talking to me, as I've lost the thrill
Even if I tried to drill, you wont give a shit,


Without even knowing
Someone is ahead of me waiting to steal
That girl of mine at the top of the hill
Fuck you im not a man of steel
I cant bear the feel!


You said it was me
That you're tired of getting hurt over and over again
But have you ever think of how much I suffer
Eating your shit every single day
Keep on smiling behind your trail?
Thinking that we'll spent most of our day
Looking at the stars until we gone someday?


I act silly like a fucking clowns on birthday
Thou I know that at the end of the day,
Those who melts your hearts wins over someone who makes you smile.