Tuesday, May 31, 2011


when the night lifted up the shades. the darkness which secured me has gone. i suffer within the brilliant light of the morning.. i'm weak and starving for mercy , the love , no more. 

sleep has left me alone, helpless to carry these weight of all wrongness that i did. i open my dark heart to a light but its ended up with a flame and burned everything. 

forgetting. its all i can do to hang on to keep me from falling into old familiar shoes . again. 

the sleep i thought was my friend has betrayed me. he invited dreams which i scared of. how stupid i could be although a fool no-brainer asshole could see , that you're no good for me. 

but you're the only one i see. 

love has made me a fool. it set me on fire and watched as i floundered . unable to speak. the word that i imagine in my mind was you. the image has getting faded. begging. silently. waiting for your answer , crying. crying.

where are you , leave me here burning , alone in the desert without you. 

everything's changes
everything's falls apart
i can't stop myself from being ignorant
the words that you always told me

keep me here. waiting.
but deep inside
deep in my sense
you will never come .

you made me.