Wednesday, January 4, 2012

F I N A L L A H W O I !

i see so much things in my head , no clue,

but it seems like nothing too.

i keep on thinking 

did i left a thing?

closed my eyes and listen to you,

the voices of the world

keeps on talking even thou its out of their shoe.

making noises every time there's a news.

there's a war on the south

while there's a people begging for water supply in their condo's 

luxury life on the west

doesnt give u any request. 

u choose your path

i choose mine.

flip a coin ,


doesnt make any choice, 

its either head or tail

still a coin. 

suffocated .

i woke up.

oh its final exam.

one of the things that i dont give a damn.

but things have to change. 

maybe i should give it a little damn. 



tomorrow .

just bare in mind, we can only plan, allah decides.